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gusto payroll reviews

The editorial content on this page is not provided by any of the companies mentioned and has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. We have only 2 employees in one state, so hopefully can find the most cost effective solution. Robie Ann Ferrer is payroll and HR expert at Fit Small Business, focusing on software. Prior to becoming a writer, she worked as an HR specialist at several multinational companies. Employers and employees can manage benefits online through Gusto’s one-stop-shop online portal. Charlette has over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance and 2 years of partnering with HR leaders on freelance projects. She uses this extensive experience to answer your questions about payroll.

Strong start up culture with an emphasis on helping small businesses. Very inclusive and diverse with opportunity to grow within the company. Management encourages individuals to grow within their role and expand their knowledge base.

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It has steadily improved over the years, adding new functionality recently in areas like user permissions, state payroll tax registration, global contractor payments, and HR support tools. Gusto doesn’t stop at payroll software, adding more features small businesses can use. A project management software with built-in time tracker and HR tools eliminate confusion about hours and processes so you can dedicate more time to getting things done. The service includes the staples of auto payroll and fast deposits while keeping costs to a modest amount. Despite the wealth of features that Gusto offers, it’s not the best option for businesses that are growing quickly or large established businesses, as it’s not a very scalable option.

  • It has a to-do list, which suggests that you might want to complete other areas of setup, approve time-off requests, and invite your accountant or other team members to access the site.
  • Employee tax forms are automatically filed at the end of the year, and can be accessed at any time.
  • For its very friendly, understandable approach to a rather unfriendly process, Gusto once again earns an Editors’ Choice award.
  • Gusto offers three main tiers of service, a litany of integrations, and plenty of premium add-on options to customize your payroll and HR experience.
  • Businesses that are looking for effortless full-service payroll with employee self-onboarding and automatic tax reporting, as well as dedicated HR services for employee red tape.
  • With the Complete and Concierge plans, Gusto provides offer letter templates that you can customize and send to new hires.
  • With other payroll services, we were often left dissatisfied with the support, because we were unable to get answers to our questions.

Most negative reviews focus on troubleshooting issues and the time it takes to resolve these issues, even with the help of customer support. The most notable integrations are with Xero, QuickBooks, and QuickBooks Time (a time tracking app that solves Gusto’s limited time tracking capabilities). However, Gusto’s payment processing integrations are quite limited. As a result of the Omicron variant, Gusto has indefinitely suspended its live chat support. Negative reviews about Gusto’s customer service ticked up during the pandemic’s onset, with customers citing extensive wait times and lengthy problem resolution times.

Working With Gusto Support

Gusto does have mobile apps for its employee app, called Gusto Wallet. Gusto Wallet is also accessible through a desktop web browser. It allows W-2 employees to access information such as their most recent paystubs; a people directory; personal details and time off; benefits and pay; and HR documents. Payroll is no one’s favorite accounting task, and anything you can do to make the user experience more pleasant is welcome. Gusto offers the best user interface and navigation system of any service I’ve reviewed.

  • The Gusto Wallet empowers workers to track their paychecks, benefits, and savings from the convenience of their smartphones.
  • You can give access to your company’s Gusto administration to an employee within your company or someone outside your company.
  • Processing payroll is the easy part—it’s the setup and ongoing maintenance of pay items and employee information that’s hard.
  • One of the most impressive is the demo of the payroll software.
  • There is no limit on payroll processing, which makes Gusto a compelling choice for employers who need to pay salaried, hourly, and freelance contractors on different cadences.

It has definitely improved the technical side of our business. The software has now become an indispensable part of the firm. Its ease of use, reports, inventory management as well as payroll features are exactly the things that we need to run our business successfully. Its ability to sync with other services and software is commendable. Gusto allows you to manage your employees and contractors within the platform easily. Adding information about your employees and contractors is simple and straightforward. You can add tons of information, including their job and payment information, personal details, time off, documents, benefits, notes, and custom fields.

So Easy To Manage Payroll!

If your business has an existing benefits provider, you can transfer them to Gusto. It obviously offers standard retirement plans as well as medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and disability coverage.

gusto payroll reviews

Depending on which subscription tier you choose, payments can go out in as little as 24 hours. Onpay doesn’t charge for setup or the first month of use, and its base fee of $35 is lower than Gusto.

Gusto Payroll & Hr

I am a natural-born connector, known for long-standing and effective business partnerships. I am fuelled by my passion for human resources and my genuine love of connecting with others. To date, my knowledge & determination to transform information into action & initiatives have contributed to my successful career. HR is something that gusto payroll login I live and breathe, and I know the impact it has in transforming businesses; and the lives of those who work inside it. 45 minutes to a few hours depending on how many employees you have and whether you have all the information, you need. Gusto has a tiered pricing scheme that essentially allows your usage to grow with your needs.

gusto payroll reviews

Gusto also provides a strong tax management tool, if you’re moving it helps calculate your new state or county taxes and connects you with tax software in an easy and guided way. Though we do not use Gusto for 401ks, it keeps track of your paycheck deduction and allows you to make changes to it as needed. You are also able to get additional benefits if you recommend Gusto to other organizations and employers, which are nice incentives. The platform offers small business owners straightforward services that help with payroll taxes.


Gusto is also a good fit for businesses that would like administrative management for employee health and retirement benefits, or that are looking for easy access to human resources tools. Higher tiers offer additional features, and add-on benefits can be used to further customize your plan. You have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. We can vouch for Gusto because it’s the tool we rely on to ensure each of our employees is paid accurately and on time every time.

Here’s another feature that works hand in hand with Gusto’s payroll feature. Gusto’s Time Tools makes it easy to factor in any time off employees use that may affect their weekly or monthly paycheck.

As a contractor I was treated like a regular Gusto employee and I appreciated that. I got the same equipment, was included in most meetings and was included in company sponsored events.

I’ve been calling them 3x week to resolve this and they still have $15K in funds that belong to our company. It’s hard to imagine actually running a payroll on a phone as small as an iPhone SE, but it can be done. It’s not particularly convenient—you have to do a lot of scrolling—but Gusto allows you to access payroll on a mobile device better than many other sites. There are no mobile apps, but it works on a mobile web browser. There are occasional dedicated links within the site, like when you open the payroll-processing section, for example. There’s a link in the upper right corner that says, “I need help with this.” When you click on it, you can watch a video or click on links to other help content. You can also search the Help Center via a labeled field at the top of each page, which lets you find people, shortcuts, and help articles.

gusto payroll reviews

Along with accessing their personal contact information, your employees can sign into their accounts to view digital pay stubs. Roll by ADP is a chat-based, mobile payroll app that offers unlimited payroll in all 50 states.

Payment Options

Its pricing structure is more complex than Gusto, with more features considered add-ons that incur an extra fee. Gusto is an online payroll and HR administration platform for small businesses that takes the toughest parts of payroll processing and benefits administration off your hands. It facilitates payroll for employees and contractors, plus employee benefits like health, retirement and more. The platform even includes extras, like automated charitable donations and a wallet that helps employees have more control over how and when to use their money. Gusto is an all-on-one solution that offers HR, benefits, payroll, and time tracking functionality, all from one centralized platform. Gusto also enables you and your employees to manage PTO better bu automatically syncing with both your company calendar and your payroll system.

Each plan comes with basic employee management, but the Concierge plan adds advanced HR features, most notably, help from certified HR professionals. Each plan supports new hire reporting and a new hire welcome screen as a part of their onboarding tools. Gusto’s Core plan has a robust set of features that helps streamline the process of hiring and managing employees. However, to get the most out of Gusto’s onboarding and HR tools, you’ll need to sign up for the Concierge plan.

Gusto Payroll Summary

It’s very helpful to have this built-in tracking feature for accountability with my very small staff. To build your accounting firm with Gusto, you’re also able to integrate your Gusto account with the more popular accounting software, including Quickbooks, FreshBooks, Expensify, and Sheets. When you sign up, the number of clients you serve will determine the tools you need. With Gusto’s accountant partnership, you get access to more flexible payment plans for both you and your clients, as well as a dedicated representative to answer questions. Once you sign up, you can get up to 20% revenue share and client discounts. You can also earn CPE credits from Gusto’s live webinars to go toward professional certifications. Gusto for accountants is designed for accountants to dole out professional services to their clients with its slew of business tools.

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